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  Funded Projects


A programme on Global warming was conducted On behalf of the Department of Physics for the school children in and around Perambalur. The seminar was conducted with TAMIL NADU STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, on July, 2011 on the topic AWERNESS PROGRAMME ON GLOBAL WARMING. It was a one full day event. Special lecture, tree planting and competition were held for the school children. The special lecture was given by Dr. M.G. Sethuraman.,Ph.D, Department of Chemistry from Ghandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul.

Resource person in his special lecturer gave the students an idea of what is Global Warming and how it should be prevented. He adviced the students to plants trees to protect our world and to lead a pleasant life without cutting trees.

Nearly 100 children from the neighbouring schools of Perambalur were participated in that grand event. Sappling of plants were done. Several competions were conducted for the school children and the winners were awarded with Prizes.