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The seminar was organized by the department of PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY, PHYSSAC and CHEMPOWER on Thursday 29th July 2010. Our Founder Chairman Shri. A. Srinivasan presided the program. Dr.C. Ravichandran, Associate Professor, Dept of Environmental Science, Bishop Heber College, Trichy was the Resource Person and presented the seminar in the presence of our Principal Prof. Mutharusu and our Vice-principal Ms. Afrose.

Dr. C. Ravichandran gave a Lecturer on Global warming. He gave a detailed explanation about environment and global warming. He stated the causes and effects of global warming. He also listed the remedies for controlling them. As far the causes are concerned Chlorofluorocarbon and CO2 are the main reasons for the change in environment. These are emitted form our daily usages like Fridge, AC’s, vehicle, form burning plastics, deforestation etc.

Because of these effects it causes glacier melts, artic melts, temperature rise in atmosphere, climate change and water level rise in oceans and seas.
As part of remedy plastics should be avoided and not be burnt; only renewable energy should be used, vehicles should be avoided and bicycles should be used. Apart form these, deforestation should be completely avoided and planting of more trees should be done.

The HOD’s , staff and students of Departments of Physics and Chemistry attended the seminar.