EVENTS 2010 - 2011
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On 24th July 2010, Saturday, Srinivasan College of Arts & Science Perambalur has organized a introduction to the PART – IV for the freshers of the college. President’s of N.S.S., Rotaract Club and Y.R.C, have delivered the introduction about the PART – IV which is mentioned above.

The president of N.S.S have spoke, whenever the natural disaster occurs in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu the first hands which lend to the suffered people is by the N.S.S volunteers, more over he said the benefits of N.S.S and he give a short notes regarding the past year events of the College. Finally he said, Be proud to do service through N.S.S.

Next to that the Secretary of Rotaract Club of the College, have said ROTARY IN ACTION that is Rotaract Club. Rotary is under pressure to make Polio Free world. Rotary & Rotaract is taking so many steps to destroy polio. In a year two times Pulse Polio campaign is conducting by providing polio drops to the children. Only one drop has allowed by the government and the second drop is dropping by the sponsored of Rotary clubs for the each child.

And this is the plat form to develop your skills through service. Because in other services they focus on only service. Here you are widen through service and expand your friendship circle too. Not only that we can make awareness programmes, scholarship for unable students, rising fund to the trust and ashramam etc. Everything is possible, Rotaractors gives service to achieve it. Finally he shows the PowerPoint presentation on last year achievements.

Then finally the President of YRC gives an orientation and benefits of YRC. He says to take a part of your life to do service to the people with humanity.

Earlier Rtr. Sajith N. Ravindran, President of the Rotaract Club has welcomed, Ms.S.H.Afroze, Vice-Principal of the college who felicitated the gathering. Mr. Sritharkannan, Staff co-ordinator, Mrs. Devahi, N.S.S. Programme Officer who made the arrangements for the occasion. Rtr. Sivabooshnam delivered the vote of thanks.