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Dates: 17th & 18th June 2011

The Department of Human Resource Development Centre of S C A S organized Two days Faculty Development Program for all the members of staff. Resource Persons were Mrs.Vijayanthi Jagannathan & Mrs.Nirmala Nandhakuma, Soft Skills Trainers, Chennai. Chairman Shri.A.Srinivasan presided over the function.

V.Chandra Chowdry, Placement Officer-welcomed the gathering Resource Persons were discussed with the staff about how to handle classes with effective, interesting and interactive. They also stressed to take classes by understanding the mentality of the students. Resource Persons also emphasized to use different new methods of teaching in the class room for the better understanding of the pupils. Therefore, they can have creative and lateral thinking, also these kinds of teachings helps to have keen attention while the teacher is teaching. Resource Persons also wanted the staff to let the students to tell their ides and views of their own about the subject. They made their session hyper effective by the way of handling and a few games are played by the staff and resource persons in order to make the session interesting. One hundred staff have been participated and benefited through this programe.

Efficacy of the program was fruitful.

Prof.R.Sasidhara Vice-Principal & Dr.R.Kannan, Director of Mang. Studies offered felicitations.