EVENTS 2013 - 2014
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Every year our College Department of Chemistry has been conducted Guest Lectures to post graduate students by subject experts. Last year our department was conduct two special guest lectures.

The first quest lecture is conducted on 16th September 2013, the topic entitled “Quantum Chemistry and Group Theory” by Dr. T. Janakiraman, M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D, Prof & head, He discussed the basics of quantum mechanics and how it is applied to the chemistry. And he explains the group theory of chemical components and how it is applied in spectroscopy techniques.

The second quest lecture is conducted on 28th February 2014; the topic entitled “Pericyclic Reactions & Mechanism” by Prof. V. Gurunathan, M.Sc., M. Phil, NET, SET, & GATE. He discussed the basics of Pericyclic reactions and how the reactant molecules are reacting which is discussed on the basis of orbital overlapping. And he explains the mechanism of the reactions taking place.

Our Post Graduate students were collecting the information about the topics effectively.